Pivot IPA Series

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Today's IPA

Great beers deserve to be explored, not ignored! That's why the IPA style born over 200 years ago was resurrected as the star that started the craft beer craze. But the endless IPA taste territory deserves something better than simply going over the top with hops. The beer in this can is today's tasty milestone on our delicious journey to share so many more.

The First Pivot

Made with Comet, Cascade and Sterling hops to emulate the fantastic combo of flavors we experienced out our "wet hopped" Harvest Pivot IPA served at the brewery. Here in Maine, we are lucky to get one batch of fresh "wet" hops from our friends at The Hop Yard in Gorham. We made an IPA with the Comet, Cascade and Sterling hops from there that was bursting with tropical and pit fruit flavor. Our first Pivot to go to cans took this recipe and voila! Smooth and mellow, this Pivot comes in at 5.9% ABV and 63 IBU. Cheers!